We do both Commercial & Residential Tile and Grout


Tile and grout can be a beautiful way to show off your home, but when dirt and grime settle into crevices, it can make your investment look old and dingy. we use industry leading chemicals and procedures to get the deepest clean and we offer grout sealing to protect your surfaces from dirt and stains.


At RD Steam Carpet Cleaning ,you'll receive highest quality cleaning services. From tile cleaning and grout cleaning to carpet cleaning , we are here to serve you in every possible way. Call us at (209) 202-1818 today for details.Competitive and Reasonable Prices


Our Tile and Grout cleaning process.

Step 1 Pre-inspection: Inspect and test the area.
Step 2 Preparing the area: We set up corner guards and walk off mats.
Step 3 Pre-vacuum: This step will remove dry soils and any loose particles from the surface.
Step 4 Pre-treatment: We apply our non-toxic cleaning solution to the hard surface floor.
Step 5: Agitation: We brush the porous grout lines, and the tile surface.
 Step 6: Extraction: The soil is then extracted with our Turbo Force tile cleaning tool.
Step 7: Post Spot: If necessary we spot clean any areas that have not come clean with a safe tile and grout cleaning solution.
Step 9: Sealer: This step is optional. You can choose to apply a sealer to your fresh clean tile and grout lines. It keeps the dirt from penetrating the grout.



RD Steam Carpet and Tile Cleaning can change the color of your grout to any color you want. The unique thing about the ColorSeal process is that once your grout is color sealed it will prevent staining and make the cleaning easy. Even if you spill coffee, soy sauces, ketchup, etc., these spills will not stain the grout and will clean right up. Constant acting mildewcides are another benefit of the Grout Color Seal we use.


Once your tile and grout are clean we carry a full line of cleaners that you can use to properly clean and maintain your tile and grout surfaces.RD Steam Carpet and Tile Cleaninghas a process that can clean, then seal your grout with the highest quality sealer available to make it non-porous, restore it back to its original color and leave you with a brand new clean and fresh look that is much easier to maintain